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The 10 sales-promotion
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Sales at fresh-food counters have been falling in recent years. With the whole industry looking for new strategies, simply relying on special offers is not the solution. Instead, build a system that engages customers and drives purchase decisions by using these ten, field tested tips for easily adaptable, modular counter designs. Create displays that make the sale for you.

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Product groups specifically
separate from each other by colors or different surfaces

Do you have different qualities of different origins within a product group in your deli counter? This is usually difficult for non-professionals to recognize. Use color coding to make the product groups easily distinguishable – e.g. green for organic products.

Best quality is recognizable at first glance: High-quality meats are immediately recognizable as such when they are presented on elegant platters. A slate or wood look, for example, is ideal for regional and international specialties.