Best raw materials
under strictest
for quality

Sourcing and processing as a top team: We obtain our raw materials from competent development partners. The carefully controlled production takes place in the production facilities of a German family-owned company.

Depending on the requirements of the respective product, we use two different manufacturing processes:
In Injection Molding and Thermoforming process.

Insights into the production


We use two different manufacturing processes

In the thermoforming process, the elements are drawn into the shape of hollow bodies by vacuum. In the injection molding process, granules are placed in a mold under high pressure. The result: extremely dimensionally stable parts in particularly efficient production – this is how raw materials are used sensibly.

The advantages of our manufacturing

  • Raw material conservation
  • Very high strength
  • Effective use of materials
  • Komplexe Formen möglich
  • Complex shapes possible
  • High process control


What sustainable
idea is behind
our production?

We consciously rely on technically
high-quality and recyclable materials.

Production residues are recycled back
into the production of raw materials as
part of a sustainable, circular economy.