Colors and

We are constantly expanding our range
with high performance surfaces
that are marinade resistant and
easy to clean.

Do your product groupings contain individual products or subgroups with different origins or a range of qualities? This is usually difficult for non-professionals to recognize. Use our color selections to easily distinguish product groups – e.g. green for organic products.

Glossy colors

black glossy

Color code -02

white glossy

Color code -10

green glossy

Color code -04

red glossy

Color code -05

yellow glossy

Color code -06

champagne glossy

Color code -12

Matte Colors

stone graphite

Color code -25

white matte

Color code -70

black matte

Color code -72

green matte

Color code -75

red matte

Color code -75

yellow matte

Color code -76

tranparent colors

blue transparent

Color code -07

clear transparent

Color code -00

Surfaces with texture

Slate look

Color code -85

Wood look

Color code -82