Product recommendation

Patented Honeycomb-
Insert for best
Meat presentation

The honeycomb-bottom inserts prevent discoloration of the meat. For beef, according to customers, this is about
72 hours. This means you can offer the meat fresh for much longer. This is particularly sustainable, saves time and, of course, money.

You‘re probably familiar with this: When meat sits in the deli counter for a long time, it develops a gray underside. To prevent this, we have developed special patented Honeycomb-Buttoms. In this way, the meat is also ventilated from below.

A welcome side effect is that small amounts of escaping meat juice are no longer visible with this technology. If your Display Trays and Deep Trays are equipped with Honeycomb-Buttoms, there is no longer any need for a paper insert.

Advantages of our patented
Honeycomb-Bottom Technology

  • Natural meat color remains intact
  • Optimized storage
  • Escaping meat juice disappears
  • and enables an appetizing
  • presentation
  • Dishwasher safe


Waste prevention
and reuse

Steak paper inserts are eliminated,
thus waste is consistently avoided

Reusable again and again

For an appealing meat presentation