Focus on long product cycles
and resource conservation

For us, this means sustainability: innovative product policy, conscious use of resources, energy and raw materials, responsibility for people and nature, and a long-term after-sales guarantee. For a positive and successful future for you and your/our industry.

This is how sustainability is implemented

product path

From raw materials to production and disposal management – we rely on transparent paths for each individual development step. In this way, we guarantee consistently high quality and safety for all partners.

Save raw
materials and
protect resources

Sustainability is deeply rooted at PricoPlex. The high-performance plastics we utilize have a long service life, and 50 percent of the raw materials are produced with the help of green electricity. Saving resources and allowing low-emission production of our products.

in Germany

We produce using injection molding and vacuum thermoforming processes in Bavaria. This means we can rely on high-quality ingredients, good working conditions and compliance with environmental regulations. The production process is primarily based on green electricity.

Extremely long
Service life

The average life of our plates and Trays for professional food presentation is significantly longer than similar products. The materials we use are break and shock-resistant and suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

Green Head

Emissions reduced at the site: Our company building is fed by geothermal energy and our in-house PV system. The green roof filters the air, can temporarily store water and provides cooling and insulation for the offices.

Active recycling management

Unlike other plastics on the market, the materials we use can be recycled. For this purpose, we offer to reliably return your discarded products to the raw material cycle.